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To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Your compassion warms refugees in the winter cold - 02/02/2017

Right before the feast of the Nativity the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR sent more aid to help refugees from the Ukrainian conflict at Svyatogorsk Lavra (Svyatogorsk, Donetsk People’s Republic).

Our newsletter is out! - 03/14/2017

Take a look at all your good work here!

Annual Report 2016 is out! - 07/22/2017

Annual Report 2016 is out! Take a look at what you helped us accomplish!


Concert season in Moscow this fall will include an event which can hardly be expected to pass without the widespread media coverage and publicity.




Earthquake in Mexico: "It seemed like our time had come..." - 09/11/2017

Schema Archimandrite Nektariy wrote to FFA after the 8.4 earthquake in Mexico: "You could only hear the cracking of walls and furniture and things falling down; our bells were ringing... it seemed that our time had come... we just kneel down in the confusion and darkness in deep prayer... after an eternity we realized that God was very merciful...  Slava Bogu !!!  we all are fine, scared but no tragedies, nor pain in our communities, so far."

No casualties among ROCOR members in Haiti - 09/14/2017

Today we received this email from Matushka Rose Legoute, widow of Fr Gregoire Legoute, one of the senior priests of the Mission.

 “Thank God, we did not suffer the catastrophe that was predicted to occur in the wake of Hurricane Irma here in Haiti, but there were considerable damages in...

Mexico monastery: "So much pain and death around us..." - 09/21/2017

Two days after a second earthquake devastated Mexico, the brethren of Holy Trinity Monastery are helping their neghbors survive any way they can. Although the monastery suffered a lot of damage, the monks continue praying and serving the people of the city.

"We have been very busy trying to provide some help to the victims; specially clothes, medicines and our own professional knowledge and skills wherever we can.  Tragedies are devastating.

Third earthquake in Mexico: "Now we are even more fearful..." - 09/25/2017

The third earthquake to hit Mexico on Saturday, September 23, 2017, sent residents of Mexico City into the streets in the morning - some half dressed  - in new fears for their lives. The brethren of the Holy Trinity Monastery are unharmed, but the level of stress all over the country is extremely high. 
Schema archimandrite Nektariy - abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery (ROCOR) in Mexico City - saw two people die of heart attacks in the streets following the third quake.
"People are breaking into tears, having nervous breakdowns," - he texted on Sunday.

Our newsletter is out - see how much good you've done! - 10/02/2017

Read the newsletter here.

Saying "Thank you" does not convey what we feel in our hearts..." - 10/05/2017

A few months ago we wrote to you about an absolutely terrible situation one of our priests ended up in when he started serving in Buenos Aires. Fr Boris and Matushka Ksenia Gladyshev moved to Argentina from Russia, where they had a good life – because they felt called to serve. They were supposed to receive a small stipend, but things did not work out. By the time their Bishop John of Caracass appealed to us for help, they had been through poverty, debt, and even a life-threatening situation. 

Juliana's Story: how one girl raised funds for orphans in Haiti - 10/10/2017

Just like any other 8 y.o., Juliana from Ladysmith, BC, loves presents and parties. For her own birthday this year, she asked her mother if she could do something special.

Special Report on Mexico - 10/23/2017

Listen to a special report from the Orthodox Christian Network interviews Archimandrite Nektariy, of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery in Mexico City, about the effects of the recent earthquakes.

Beltude sings - a slice of life from Haiti - 11/08/2017

I had a fascinating meeting at the end of August. A little girl fascinated by spiritual singing and the French language. She lives with her parents south of Port-au-Prince, in the city of Léogâne. Her name is Beltude. She's a beautiful 12-year-old girl. With her slender build, she has smooth, glistening black skin and beautiful black eyes that illuminate her face. I was struck to see a child singing this much. Besides, she takes school very seriously. When it comes to defend herself, which often happens to her, this child is able to handle words until you get exhausted.

Announcing a Matching Drive to buy a Van for orphans of the Bethany School for Girls - 12/17/2017

Little Eve’s big brown eyes were swollen from crying. She hugged her teddy bear and cried for her mother. Little did she know that she had just been abandoned…

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